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Geckolighting® LED Floodlights

Robust lighting unit for outside or inside applications including security and signage lighting, yards, open areas, sheds, mobile accomodation and display/feature lighting. Not to mention cars, trucks and boats. Gecko LED floodlights deliver long life, high performance and minimum power usage. Most models available in low voltage DC12V or DC24V andr High voltage 85-265VAC. All Geckolighting® LED floodlights come standard in Cool White (6000-6500K), however all colour options are available including full RGB colour changing with remote control on some models.

geckolighting LED floodlight  

Geckolighting® LED Floodlight Range

  Model Power Lumens (Lm)
Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) PDF <150w range
PDF >150w range
Slimline Series............... 240VAC
geckolighting led 20w slimline floodlight 70-FLS10 10w 900 0.5 115*112*23 Data Sheet:...
70-FLS20 20w 1800 1 215*155*31
LED Floodlights 5W to 150W ........... 240VAC or DC12-24V options



70-FL5 5w 500 0.5 115*110*85 Data Sheet.....
70-FL10 10w 1100 0.5 115*110*85 Data Sheet:....
70-FL20 20w 1990 1 180*140*130 Data Sheet:....
70-FL30 30w 3400 2 225*185*155 Data Sheet:....
70-FL50 50w 4776 3 285*235*150 Data Sheet:....
70-FL100 100w 9380 8 420*325*190 Data Sheet:....
70-FL150 150w 13500 8.5 425*325*190 Data Sheet:....
LED Floodlights 200w upwards ....... 240VAC
geckolighting LED 200w floodlight 70-FL200 200w 20400 12 430*325*160 Data Sheet:....
70-FL240 240w 24480 12 430*325*160 Data Sheet:....
70-FL300 300w 27400 17 650*300*205 Data Sheet:....
70-FL400 400w 40611 22.5 800*330*180 Data Sheet:....
70-FL480 480w 48733 22.5 800*330*180 Data Sheet:....
70-FL600 600w 60675 34 800*610*215  

Geckolighting® LED Special Purpose Floodlights & Accessories.

  Model Power Lumens (Lm)
Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Data Sheet
LED Sportlight Fixture
geckolighting LED solar light 75-FL500G2
Data Sheet:...
LED Explosive Proof
geckolighting LED explosion prook floodlight 75-EX30 30w 2700 6.5 300*300*227

Data Sheet....

LED Floodlights RGB Colour change

geckolighting RGB floodlight

70-FL20RGB 20w 500 1 Instruction sheet Data Sheet....
70-FL45RGB 45w 5055 7 Data Sheet:....
70-FL180RGB 180w 7850 10   Data Sheet:....
LED Portable Rechargeable Floodlights and Floodlight Stands
geckolighting LED 10w rechargeable floodlight 70-FL10port 10w 900 0.5 155*240*160

Data Sheet:....

Instruction sheet

70-FL20port 20w 1800 0.9 200*206*180
geckolighting floodlight standsgeckolighting LED floodlight stands 70-FLStripod Tri-Pod stand Adjustable height to: 1500mm Data Sheet:....
70-FLSfloor Floor stand Height: 380mm


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