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Geckolighting® LED & Solar

Finally the logical combination of the latest LED, Solar & Battery technology.  From versatile sign lighting to fully certified LED streetlight fittings (IES files available).
Remote Solar panel, controller and battery system giving constant voltage 12VDC for a variety of applications including streetlighting, access control & feature lighting.
geckolightng LED streetlight  

GeckolightingŪ LED Solar 'All-in-one'Solutions.

  Model Power Lumens (Lm)
Weight (kg) Dimmensions
Colour (k) Data Sheet
LED Solar 'All-in-one' Billboard light.
98-SSL4 4W 170 2 517*108*128 4000
  Model Power Lumens


Data Sheet
LED Solar 'All-in-one' Streetlight. 10w-40w, rear mounting bracket for a variety of pole sizes.
90-SSLA!10 10w 5055 6.2 536*355*70 6000
90-SSLA120 20w 2200 6.2 536*355*70 6000
90-SSLA130 30w 3100 0   6000
90-SSLA140 40w 4200 1   6000
LED Solar 'All-in-one' Streetlight.          20W,  Suitable for 90mm pole top mount.
98-SSL20 20w 2100 5 678*303*84 5000
Solar Panel & Battery combination.    Includes Pole top mount and secure battery housing.
98-SolarKit Kit includes;
Solar Panel, 100w, 1022mm x 676mm x 30mm
50Ah lithium battery housed in lockable case
MPPT Li series 10A regulator
Smart unit remote control
Programmable ON/OFF times


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