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Geckolighting® LED Oyster & Bunker lights

Below is a selection of the most popular LED Oyster and Bunker lights currently available from Geckolighting®.

Geckolighting® LED Internal Oyster lights

Geckolighting LED oyster light

geckolighting led oyster light
Gecko LED 18w Oyster
Operating voltage 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 18W. 300pcs SMD3528
Base diameter:260mm
Shade diameter: 295mm
Lampshade material: Acrylic
Code: 20-OY18CW cool white

Code: 20-OY18WW warm white >

Gecko LED 28W Oyster
Operating voltage 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power 28W
Base diamter: 365mm
Shade diameter: 420mm
Lampshade material: Acrylic

Code: 20-OY28CW cool white
Code: 20-OY28WW warm white
Geckolighting® LED External Oyster / Bunker lights (IP65 rated)
gecko LED oyster light
geckolighting LED bunker light  
Gecko LED 20W Oyster
Operating voltage 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power 20W LEDs:300pcs SMD3528
Lumen output: >1800lm
Dimensions: 300mm x 80mm
Weight 1.3kg
Lampshade: Acrylic
Code:20-OY20wCW cool white
Code: 20-OY20wWW warm white
Gecko LED 15W Bunker
Operating voltage 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power 15w LEDs:200pcs SMD3528
Lumen output: >1350lm
Dimensions: 280mm x 185mm x 80mm
Weight 1kg
Lampshade: Acrylic
Code:20-BU15wCW cool white
Code: 20-BU15wWW warm white
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