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Geckolighting® LED Lighting Products
has supplied quality LED products to homes, businesses and Governments throughout Australia since 2009. Commitment to quality and customer support along with an extensive range of LED lighting options keeps us at the leading edge of LED lighting supply.Need help in your selection, phone us on (08) 9248 6205 to discuss.

Geckolighting® LED Streetlights & Streetlight Globes
Geckolighting LED 25w streetlight Gecko LED 40w streetlight geckolighting LED streetlight geckolighting LED streetlight globe
25w Streetlight LED Streetlight head LED Streetlight globes
Geckolighting® LED Floodlights
geckolighting led 20w slimline floodlight geckolighting LED 150w floodlight geckolighting LED 200w floodlightgeckolighting led 400w floodlight geckolighting LED 10w rechargeable floodlightled light stand geckolighting
Slimline LED Floodlights LED COB Series LED Multi Portablr LED floods & Stands
Geckolighting® LED Canopy & Wallpack lights
geckolighting canopy light LED geckolighting 50w walllight led 70w wall light +
45w & 70w Slimline Canopy 35w & 50w LED Wallpacks 70w LED Wallpack  
Geckolighting® LED Highbay & Lowbay/Panel lights
geckolighting led highbay geckolighting LED high bay   gecko LED low bay
LED Highbays UFO style
Canopy Style LED Highbay

LED Lowbay/Panel

Geckolighting® LED Downlights
led downlightgeckolighting led downlights geckolighting LED downlight geckolighting LED adjustable downlights geckolighting LED downlight CCT adjusable
LED Mini downlights LED Downlight kits LED Adjustable Head LED Colour Temp adjustable
Geckolighting® LED Tubes & Batten Lights
geckoLEDtube led batten led batten  
LED Tubes LED Batten fittings, PC or Aluminium housing  
Geckolighting® LED Light Panels, LED Oyster lights, LED Bunker lights, LED Shoplights
gecko led light panels geckolighting LED Sky Panel LED oyster lightled bunker life geckolighting LED shoplight
Gecko LED light panels Gecko LED Sky Panel LED Oyster & Bunker lights LED Shoplight


Geckolighting® LED Globes
geckoLEDglobes geckolighting led plc globes geckolighting LED globe LED filiment globeLED filament globe
LED globes LED PLC globes LED Corn Globes & R80 globes LED Filament globes
Geckolighting® LED Light Bars & Aluminium Profiles
gecko led lightbar
led light bar geckolighting LED light bar profiles  
LED light bars & Accessories Aluminium Profiles  
Geckolighting® LED Signage Modules
led modules LED modules led modules  
Signage Modules LED side modules  
Installation instructions Installation instructions  
Geckolighting® LED Flex Strip, Controllers, Neon Flex, Optic Fibre
led flex geckolighting LED RGB touch controller   Gecko LED Neon flex.geckolighting LED fibre optic kit
LED Flex Strip LED Controllers LED Flex strip accessories LED 'Neon' Flex & Optic Fibre
Geckolighting® LED Spot lights, LED Work lights, Vehicle LED light globes
geckolighting LED worklights geckolighting LED worklight    
LED Work/Spot lights LED 50w worklight   Vehicle LED globes
Geckolighting® LED Festive lights, Garden lighting & Solar Wall Washer lighting
geckolighting led festive lights led garden light geckolighting led solar light  
LED Festive light Strings LED 12V G4 globes LED Solar light  
Geckolighting® IP68 Junction box, IP68 connectors, LED Power Supplies/Drivers
junction box connector IP68   LED power supply
Waterproof Junction Box
Waterproof Connector
LED Drivers & Power Supplies
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