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Geckolighting® LED Worklights
Robust and compact, these heavy duty worklights are an ideal replacement for standard spot/flood lights on cars, trucks, trailers, tractors - in fact any application that requires high light output with minimal power usage. Available in both 12VDC and 24VDC versions.
New 12-24VDC option available.


Geckolighting® LED Work lights

Geckolighting LED 24w worklight Geckolighting LED 27w worklight Geckolighting LED 50w worklight
Gecko LED 24W Work Light.
Operating voltage DC12V or DC24V
Power 24W Lumen output: 1920lm
Dimensions: 115mm x 115mm x 37mm Weight:0.3kg IP67
Code: 70-WL24
Gecko LED 27W Work Light.
Operating voltage DC12V or DC24V
Power 27W Lumen output: 2180lm
Dimensions: 110mm x 140mm x 60mm
Weight:0.6kg IP67
Code: 70-WL27
Gecko LED 50W Work Light.
Operating voltage DC24V
Power 50W Lumen output: 4000lm
Dimensions: 125mm x 120mm x 140mm Weight:1.5kg IP67
Code: 70-WL50
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