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Geckolighting® LED Street Lights

Ideally suited to the harsh Australian climate, these robust LED streetlights deliver.......
For outside applications including street lighting, car park and commercial yard lighting.
Geckolighting LED streetlights deliver long life, high performance and minimal power usage.
High voltage 85-265VAC. Standard cool white (6000-6500K), however all colour options are available. Optional poly carbonate vandal resistant guard and light sensor available

geckolightng LED streetlight  

Geckolighting® LED Streetlights

  Model Power Lumens (Lm)
Weight (kg) Typicaly
Colour (k) Data Sheet
Light weight, low maintenance
Geckolighting LED streetlight 90-SL25 25W 2500 1 70w 6000 Data Sheet:...
Rugged Design, high heat tolerance, low maintenance
Gecko LED 40w streetlight 90-SL40 40w 5055 7 120w 6000 Data Sheet:....
90-SL80 80w 7850 10 180w 6000 Data Sheet:....
90-SL120 120w 11980 10 400w 6000 Data Sheet:....
90-SL240 240w 21600 12 1000w 6000 Data Sheet:....
Multi LED style
geckolighting 30w streetligh 90-SL30 30w 2700 1 70w 6000 Data Sheet.....
geckolighting LED streetlight 90-SL200 200w 19303 16.5 1000w 6000 Data Sheet:....

Geckolighting® LED Streetlight replacement Globes

Note that ballast & capacitors are NOT required, and must be removed or bypassed when installing.
  Model Power Lumens (Lm)
Weight (kg) Colour (k) Data Sheet
LED 25W & 30W Streetlight Globes. E27 or E40 base available.
Geckolighting LED 20w streetlight globe

90-FE2720 (E27)

90-FE4020 (E40)

20W 2000 0.4 3000-6000K Data Sheet:....

90-FE2730 (E27)

90-FE4030 (E40)
20W 3000 0.6 3000-6000K Data Sheet:...
LED 48W Streetlight Globe. E40 base only.
90-FE2730 90-FE4048 (E40) 48w 4800 1.0 3000-6000K Data Sheet:....
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